Three Phase Power / Energy Meter Calibrators

Technical Specification

Model ZM3øPEMC
Input Power 230Volt AC
Output Voltage Ranges 0 to 300 V (L-N) or 0 to 520V Phase to phase
Output Current Ranges 0 to 6A per Phase
Mode 3 Phase 4 Wires.
Output Ports Vr, Vy, Vb, - N & Ir ( Hi, Lo ), Iy (Hi, LO), Ib ( Hi, Lo )
PF Range 0.1 Lag to Unity to 0.1 Lead
Compliance 20VA, at FS on V ranges
Compliance 30VA, at FS on A channels
Frequency Parameters 45 to 60 Hz,Resolution: 0.01 Hz
Accuracy ± 0.01 Hz.
Basic Accuracy for V, A W, WHr 0.15% ± 3 dgt for voltage & current. 0.05% ± 1 dgt for PF, 0.3% FS for wattmeter, 0.02% for time duration, Whr : 0.15%.
Setting Voltage, Current & Frequency by Potentiometer. Power factor by Push Button keys, Timer by thumb wheel switches. switch for selection of 3ø or 1ø
Metering Digital Voltmeter, Digital AC Ammeter, Universal Meter to indicate PF, W, VA, VAR of each phase also Average of all phases, WHr programmable current display to accommodate to CT ratio.
Sinusoidal Output THD 1.5%
Protection Overload & Short circuit.
Dimensions (W600XD600XH270)mm
Weight 40kg without packing.
Note : Current Range Beyond 6A Can Also Be Provided On Demand

Note : We Can Upgrade Products With Time To Give Improved Quality